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Masters such brethren as are capable of bestowing instruction, and to the Masters and rulers of the Craft I recommend assiduity in obtaining, and zeal in communicating, Masonic knowledge.

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Men become Freemasons for a variety of reasons, some as the result of family tradition, others upon the introduction of a friend or out of a curiosity to know what it is all about.

Also, that thanks be extended to the Ladies of Cranbrook for their hospitality, and for providing refreshments during this Communication. The Grand Master, during his term of office, stressed the place of Masonry as a living force in the community, the church, government, and for youth. They have made two visits this year.

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Their law on the subject appears to be insufficient, or inefficient, and the Grand Master recommends that it be made a Masonic offence to use a cipher in the Lodge room, or in the instruction of a candidate.

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This is sometimes done when one Lodge raises you to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason; then you move to another area, and want to start in the chairs in the new Lodge.

  • He was a Freemason descended from two generations of Freemasons.
  • You will be wise to obtain your tickets early.
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  • By this time they were weakened by their fast and apprehensive, because they had no idea what was going to happen to them.
  • This must have been the same feeling my father and grandfather experienced before me.
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Radford and his officers gave the Third Degree in a very creditable manner.

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Why is the Entered Apprentice placed in the Northeast corner of the Lodge? Lodge is too poor to afford that, a common teapot, with spout and handle broken off, answers every purpose; for incense some pieces of paper are dipped in spirits of turpentine.

Building Committee of the new Masonic Temple just completed in Victoria. Temple, and many other Masonic edifices. Masons in Manitoba may be justly proud. This passport calls for detailed notice.

The seven cherubims are the symbols of the delights of life, known by seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling, tranquility, and thought. Order of the Christian Mark was conferred on those who went about doing good, and following the example of their illustrious Master, Jesus Christ. Harold White as my District Chaplain.

It was the custom of our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff, every day at high twelve, when the crafts were from labor to refreshment, to enter into the sanctum sanctorum and offer up his devotions to the ever living God.

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KEy OF MASONRY: Being the Degree of Knights Aldepts of the Eagle or Sun. Sovereign Master that the guards ship? That has not been the case, my brethren. The first officer represents Frederick II.

There are many degrees beyond the first three which provide more light. The obligation call up both chosen from gait to canada to come with quietness they change was master mason obligation canada in becoming a hardworking body that it does credit on.

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  • That the Board of General Purposes be asked to request that the Trustees of the Hall erect a Bicycle Stable for the convenience of Brethren. In this year the Grand Master in England appointed Daniel Coxe as Provincial Grand Master of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, for a two year term. God unavoidable accidents only excusing me.
  • If you will work with us and support us, the future of our fraternities is truly bright.
  • This Committee acknowledges with deep appreciation the ready assistance given at all times by the Grand Secretary and his staff.
    • He has attempted to receive wages without being able to give the token.
    • Brothers, who by acting as good men, make me want to become a better man. The chants never became very popular. Salmon, District Secretary; Bro.
    • Brett, Grand Secretary, expressing regret for unavoidable absence, and conveying best wishes for a successful ceremony.
    • Helena instituted the Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    • The District of Columbia calls themselves FFree and Accepted Masons.

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Brother Truth, as the candidate persists, approach with him to the sanctuary, in order that he may take a solemn obligation to follow our laws, principles, and morals, and to attach himself to us forever.

Kipp, Arthur; Kipp, Walter Henry; Kipp, Henry; Knight, Thomas, jr. Knights, should I ever wilfully or knowingly violate any part of this solemn obligation of Knight of the Red Cross; so help me God, and keep me steadfast to keep and perform the same. Initiates in the Masonic or religious sense.

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Unfortunately the recent change in the date of meeting of the Grand Lodge of Washington has, we fear, put a stop to these pleasant visits. Dixon, and to his staff, for the efficient way in which they have handled the affairs of Grand Lodge and for their kindness always to your Grand Master. COWPERTHWAITE, Acting Grand Secretary. By three distinct knocks.

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Brother William Sherer is chairman. Three new lodges were constituted.

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The blazing star teaches that our hearts ought to be as a clear sun, among those that are troubled with the things of this life.

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He is always entering a society of friends and Brothers where he will be treated with dignity and decorum at all times.

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Bless our Dominion with honourable industry, sound learning and pure manners.