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My focus in this Article though will not be on how to apply the in pari materia doctrine. Begin your research on Statutory Interpretation with these prominent treatises and study aids. By continuing to browse this website you accept the use of cookies. Congress and how these ideas stack up against the separation of powers. Lemos, Katherine Shaw, Lawrence Solan, Nelson Tebbe, and Adam Zimmerman. Nor should it be applied to obvious instances of iteration to which lawyers, alas, are particularly addicted.

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Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates.

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This appendix draws from two different works to present an exemplary list of the canons of construction.

As in any statutory construction case, we start, of course, with the statutory text, and proceed from the understanding that unless otherwise defined, statutory terms are generally interpreted in accordance with their ordinary meaning.

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  5. Many are expressed in the common law of the federal courts and other states.

By contrast, many textualists argue that legislative history should be used sparingly. Interpretation of a statute see K Llewellyn 'Remarks on the theory of. The King advised that where there was a conflict, equity should prevail.

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If the statutory language is clear on its face and there is no reasonable doubt as to its meaning, then the judge will simply apply the language of the statute to the case at hand.

However, as discussed below, they carry less weight than the substantive terms of the statute. Lawrence published his decisions in a series of six annual volumes. There are many ways to approach the process of interpreting a statute.

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They are purely guidelines for the judiciary to solve problems with statutory interpretation. Code clearly and predictably using well established principles of statutory construction. However, sometimes a list in a statute is illustrative, not exclusionary. Congress is aware of when it legislates.

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Relying on legislative inaction and stare decisis, the court upheld the prior interpretation, even though everyone agreed it was a broad reading of the plain language.

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It is not uncommonto find apparent tensionbetween different canons of statutory construction. This view is commonly supplemented by perspectives provided from elsewhere within the statute. These days, it is the rare individual who actually reads statutes.

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