Napa County Jury Verdicts

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Phone scammers continue to try telephoning family members, saying that your relative was arrested for DUI, asking you to wire money for bail or lawyers. The attorney for the defendant registered his assent. Nearing a Tipping Point on USF Contribution Reform? Under any standard, we find no error.

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San Francisco crime lab, now the focus of official investigations, but no one told the agency which decides whether to accredit the lab as legitimate. DUI, such as additional jail time, fines, etc. Jury returned its verdict in one hour.

Of the sixteen jurors examined to secure two alternate jurors, three acknowledged they had such conscientious objections to the death penalty as would affect their ability to return a verdict of first degree murder.

Sonoma man was arrested for DUI after flipping off a driver behind him who had called the police on his cell phone complaining of erratic driving. Letton that Raney charged him with dishonesty. Santa Rosa Police Department Press Release.

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If the offense charged be punishable with death, the entertaining of such conscientious opinions as would preclude his finding the defendant guilty; in which case he must neither be permitted nor compelled to serve as a juror.

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Claims for vacation wages and bonuses owed. DUI Warrant and Probation sweep. *