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Unfortunately this wedding of monastic and military rituals touched on old taboos concerning the priesthood and the pollution of shedding human blood n anger. If the Assassins reneged on the proposed treaty, it would be the Templars who would suffer, not Amalric. At the right time, when charging is launched, i sergenti, armed more lightly, lend him manforte. Orphaned early, he grew up to work caravans for a widow named Khadija, whom he subsequently married. Your current browser may not support copying via this button. The other two repeated their confessions without incident.

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Raymond of Tripoli, was accused of allying with Saladin and engineering the massacre of Hattin in this early, some perceived the Templars as splitting their allegiances between the Franks and the local Muslims.

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In the past two centuries, interest in the Templars has produced numerous studies of their landed estates and edited editions of their surviving cartularies. Whatever the case, these records present an opportunity to examine the Knights Templar in a new way.

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Up till now, the ACA held nineteen manuscripts and one insert, making twenty with this new finding. Bigley, Office Administer of the KTEF and his staff for all the hard work they do to assist us.

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