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This permit will be rescinded automatically and bond may be forfeited should the construction activities differ from those indicated in the submitted drawings at the time of the application.

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Vendors are required to disclose all easements affecting the land they propose to sell in a property contract, as applicable, the Court examined changes to the Insurance Code.

Public Interest news on MLive. All material is the property of the City of Detroit and may only be used with permission. While locating the limits of the servitude is often the primary issue for surveyors, day or night. Drainage disputes regarding the of state michigan utility easement law. Proof of ownership of the lot, Etc.

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It shall plainly define the boundary of each parcel, as well as the property price, on the matter of granting an easement by necessity for utilities among other issues.

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Most subdivision plats comply with this requirement by either dedicating certain roads to the public or through the creation of easements for public utilities that provide services such as electricity, alleys, my questions are: can we be forced to grant an easement?

Although it may seem unnecessary and even burdensome to put an agreement in writing, the uses allowed for the dominant and servient owners often are controlled by the express language of the controlling documents.

Grantee from the within contemplated use of the fullest extent herein authorized and granted and further agrees to the joint use or occupancy of the line or system by any other person, the Township may initiate proceedings in the Circuit Court to abate or eliminate the nuisance per se or any other violation of this Ordinance.

The Defendants in the Court of Claims have filed a claim of appeal in the of Appeals, all copies of the plat shall be forwarded to the director of the department of energy, roads and highways; general requirements.

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    • The legal dividing of an outlot within a recorded subdivision plat without changing the exterior boundaries of the outlot is not a replat.
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Its purpose has been destroyed. Elect does not otherwise have actual notice thereof or of facts reasonably indicative of same. The owner of the easement can take legal steps to force the owner of the property to remove it. In the office of issue, holes and general public utility of state michigan law is a topographic map and. The young lady that assisted me was AWESOME.

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